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CBT Software

...No more marking of objective answer scripts!

CBT Software

This is the future of all exams in schools, at least, for secondary level.  JAMB has started it and with time, WASCE/NECO will key into it.  This is because it makes the work of examining the students easy and faster.  Though it may have some initial set up costs, on the long run, the cost of administering exams becomes cheaper.  The beauty of our CBT software is that it can be either offline or online.  We can configure it right there in your local intranet, with your server residing with you.  You don't need internet connection to use it. Hence you data is safe.  Each teacher can log in and set his/her exam and log out.

If you want your school to have fantastic results in WASCE/NECO, all you need do is just implement this software.  We will help you administer it, train your staff on how to use it and maintain it for one academic session.  


Use your computer lab first, if you are not ready to buy more computers for now. If you have some money, let us set up a lab for you using Thin Client which is the cheapest, with least maintenance cost.  You can do this by adding a class each term.  If you are able to set up thin client for all your classes, you will be administering objective exams to your students without stress.  One major advantage is that you will not be using paper.  You only need paper for theory exams.


You may start drilling your SS3 students right from SS2 Class.  You make them write a lot of exams with the usual past questions and with internally set exams/answers.  By the time you this CBT software for them, they will not have any choice than to score 'A's.

If you want to purchase this robust CBT Software for your school, please click here.



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