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eClassroom Software

...Talk less, Teach More!

eClassroom is a beautiful software for teaching in any school system.  It has the ability to load Ms Word, Ms Excel, Ms PowerPoint and video files.  

All the teacher should do is create the topics according to the class and term.  He/she will then prepare all the content of the lesson note, using any of the software packages above.  Once the lessons are completely prepared, they will be loaded into eClassroom.

With the help of a special mouse (see the image  below), the teacher can project the lessons on the Interactive White Boad or  Wide Screen TV.  The mouse has a laser pointer for the teacher to point out salient points in the course of teaching.  In order to project the sound, bluetooth speakers are connected to the laptop.

eClassroom helps the teach talk less because once a video is being played for the students, he/she will relax and also involve in engaging the students.

These are the benefits you derive from using eClassroom software...

No more copying of notes for the students from class to class.  The Teacher only needs to project the note on the screen while the students copy.

Videos and Images speak louder than words alone. eClassroom will have enough images and videos carefully produced by the Teacher for detailed explanations.

There are various software packages for both teachers and students, some free while some, you buy, which the teacher can  use for the students.

Special Mouse for eClassroom

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