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Netsupport School Software

...Demonstrate how to use any Software Package!

Netsuport School Software is good for teaching application packages in the class. For software packages like Ms Word, Excel, PowerPoint, CorelDraw, etc., the best way is to project the teacher's screen to the students via their individual computers. He can show his screeen to all the students at the same time. Afterwards, he/she may release them and let them practise the steps taught.

The most useful feature of Netsupport School is using it to teach students how to use a software package.  It allows the teacher to carry out the steps in achieving a task while the students watch.

With Netsupport School, the teacher can monitor what individual student is doing with the system.  

As a teacher, NetSupport School allows you to control student activity on each device in the classroom. From a simple power on or login at the start of the day, to locking their devices to gain attention, NetSupport School ensures only a single mouse click is required.


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